Germany 2006 Day 8 (i)

Two out of three, again.

Argentina 6-0 Serbia & Montenegro

Foly Huck!

Yeah, see, Argentina whomping on poor little Serbia & Montenegro for ninety minutes was actually pretty boring, unless one is an Argentinian fan, of course.

Holland 2-1 Ivory Coast

Still a great team. Still a horrible kit.

Mexico 0-0 Angola

Flippin 'eck! Go Angola! I caught the end of this game, and it was tense as Ken Dodd passing a tax office.

Uh, okay, that was a very old and obscure joke.

How about .. as tense as White House staff riding through Baghdad?

Both sides kept fighting right to the bitter end, and only some incredible saves from two talented goalies kept the score 0-0.

Tomorrow brings Portugal vs Iran, Italy vs USA, and Czech Republic vs Ghana.

I'm thinking Portugal, Czech Republic and, yes, Italy. I think USA has a chance, but ultimately, the smart money has to be against them.

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