The fight to keep flying the flag

This is so typically bloody English.

When the Ivory Coast qualified for the World Cup, both sides of that country's bloody civil war declared a truce in celebration. A civil war in Nigeria was put on hold so that people could watch the legendary Pele play. In Nazi-occupied Ukraine, FC Start refused to give the occupiers an easy propaganda match and made martyrs of themselves by whopping their oppressors 5-3.

The English wring our hands and worry about whether flying our flag is appropriate.

Okay, for those wondering:

Yes, it is bloody appropriate.

This is the World Cup. The most watched sporting event in the world, ever, anywhere, at any time. To even qualify is a victory. To do so consistently, tournament after tournament, is a triumph.

Fly your flag with pride.


The Logical Truth said...

"The most watched sporting event in the world, ever, anywhere, at any time."

Can you provide proof of this statement?

Doombreed said...

It's the premier tournament of the most popular sport in the world. Isn't asking for proof just a little asinine?

The Logical Truth said...

Not really. It's the same logic you use. So, I want proof! It sounds like you are assuming.

Doombreed said...

Just google "the most watched sporting event in the world" and you'll see why the question was asinine.

The Logical Truth said...

google - that's a reliable resource!

The Logical Truth said...

I'm taking this as a "no", you can't prove that statement.

Doombreed said...

Take it any way you want, bud. Your acceptance or denial bears absolutely no relation to the truth of the statement.