Germany 2006 Day 9 (i)

Well, that may well have been the freakiest day I've ever seen in professional football..

Portugal 2-0 Iran

Okay, except this game, maybe. I was pretty much expecting Portugal to see off Iran and secure a place in the next round to boot.

Italy 1-1 USA

Never mind the score, what about the red cards? Three in one match? And USA playing a man down against Italy managed to hold to a draw?

I was seriously impressed with the USA during today's game. Very, very nice work. Shame it won't do much good. See, the USA needed a win today, because there's no way Ghana's beating the Czechs.

I mean, come on. Never gonna happen.

Czech Republic 0-2 Ghana

Ladies and Gentlemen. We have now entered crazy-arsed backwards world.

If there are three unwritten rules to football they are:

1) Commentators can always be relied upon to say the dumbest things at the most inopportune moment.

2) In order to win the World Cup, one must beat Germany.

3) The Czech team does not lose to Ghana.

Even a man down this should not have been a loss, let alone a 2-0 loss.

Wow. I'm convinced. Anything can happen now.

Tomorrow brings Brazil vs Australia, Japan vs Croatia, and France vs Korea.

In reverse order: I'm picking Korea over France, Croatia over Japan, and Australia over Brazil.

No, I am not insane. Korea are doing pretty well, and France couldn't beat Switzerland. Croatia held the mighty Brazil to 1-0, and Japan got spanked by Australia. And Australia over Brazil? Well, the numbers have been wrong a lot recently, and Australia are still hungry, but now they've got confidence with it.

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