Germany 2006 Day 2

Well, day 2, and there are still few people over here who care. Now, Tuesday may be a different matter, when the USA goes up against Czech Republic.

England 1-0 Paraguay

Yea, see, this is why England isn't allowed to score first any more. When England are down, we fight like lions. When we're up, we lay back and relax. It's only because Paraguay aren't all that good that this match ended 1-0. Against a really good team, an equaliser would have been a foregone conclusion. Still, a win's a win, three points is three points. We're on top of our group. For now.

Trinidad & Tobago 0-0 Sweden

Yeah, er, what happened to Sweden? Correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't they supposed to be quite good? Unalloyed kudos to Trinidad & Tobago, in their first World Cup they hold Sweden to a no-score draw, and after spending almost half of the game down to ten men. Brilliant. They may be a threat despite their low ranking.

Argentina 2-1 Ivory Coast

Well, nothing to say here. Nobody was expecting much different from a team as talented as Argentina is. Despite their piss-poor showing in Korea/Japan, they've got to remain in any coach's sights as an obstacle to climb.

Tomorrow brings Serbia & Montenegro vs Holland, Mexico vs Iran, and Angola vs Portugal.

I'm going to try my hand at predicting these games. I'll probably be 100% wrong, so make no bets based on my dodgy advice. I'm predicting Holland, Mexico and Portugal to win.

We'll see if I'm right this time tomorrow.

Edit: This is what working on a Sunday does to you. USA plays Czech Republic tomorrow, not Tuesday.

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