Germany 2006 Day 13

I'm tired, it's late, so this is going to be quick:

Holland 0-0 Argentina

Giant game. Argentina win the group, Holland go through second.

Ivory Coast 3-2 Serbia & Montenegro

Both teams were going home even before this match, but they gave us a great show before they went.

Portugal 2-1 Mexico

Portugal finished their group with a full 9 points. Nicely done. Mexico go through as runner-up.

Iran 1-1 Angola

Angola could have gone through with a slight miracle. A draw was not it.

Four more teams for the next round:

Argentina play Mexico on the 24th, Portugal play Holland on the 25th. Both should be stunning matches.

Tomorrow brings Czech Republic vs Italy, USA vs Ghana, Japan vs Brazil, and Croatia vs Australia.

My money's on the Czech Republic (even after being beaten by Ghana), USA, Brazil, and Australia.

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